Floor van den Brand

Project title
Continuous Abstinence Through Corporate Healthcare (CATCH), Msc

Prof. Dr. C. P. van Schayck and Dr. G. E. Nagelhout

Each year, 19,000 people in the Netherlands die as a consequence of smoking tobacco. Tobacco is also a large economic burden for society and employers. People who smoke tend to be more absent from work due to smoking-related illnesses.

Chance of successfully quitting smoking increases when people get treatment according to proven scientific methods for behavioural change. Research has shown that in the United States, employees were more likely to stop smoking and stay abstinent when offered an incentive.

Maastricht University’s project CATCH will investigate whether a reward will make a smoking cessation training more effective within companies in the Netherlands, and will also evaluate the cost-effectiveness of this intervention.

For the CATCH project we are looking for Dutch companies who want to participate in this scientific research project of Maastricht University. All companies will participate in an effective smoking cessation training. In addition, in half of the participating companies employees will earn gift certificates if they successfully quit smoking.

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