Research School

Research at the Department of Family Medicine is embedded in research school CAPHRI. Research and teaching in CAPHRI are devoted to contribute to improvements in the area of public health and primary care. CAPHRI focuses on interventions in the chain of care, starting with prevention and primary care, and ending with aftercare and rehabilitation. The aim of the research in CAPHRI is to get insight into the effectiveness of interventions, and their adequacy in meeting prospective patients' needs. The School focuses on chronic diseases. The main diseases are chronic lung diseases (COPD), cardiovascular diseases, rheumatic diseases, musculoskeletal disorders, diabetes, and common mental diseases (such as depression). New forms of organization (such as transmural or integrated care) are being developed, and new intermediate professions are being created (such as the specialized nurse). The primary care physician plays a prominent role in the delivery of integrated care, assisted by new professionals (e.g. primary care nurses and nurse practitioners). Primary care is a central research topic at Maastricht University, with a strong tradition of extramural research and more recent developments in transmural research. CAPHRI has been designated as an International Centre of Excellence by the Maastricht University Executive Board.